The First Interview..!


Ok, so the project has started in super earnest, as I have conducted my first interview with an extremely generous participant. I think it went very well but the transcription and careful eye of my supervisor will soon tell. I have also begun the task of learning NVivo from scratch. Looks straightforward enought but I would rather use cards and pencil – old school I know.  There is definitely something to be said about going beyond one’s comfort zone.

PhD Survivor..!


Yep, it’s nearly official, I passed the transfer leading to becoming a PhD ‘candidate’. The research board just needs to meet to rubber stamp the internal and external supervisors teams’ decision. I learnt a lot through the delivery of the research seminar and transfer viva. Among them, I had probably written 8,000 words too many for one section. I don’t think I can bear to look at the section for a month or two. I want now to concentrate on the methodology and the first interviews.