From Maze to burst damn..!


So after a very painful period of being up against a blank wall in terms of writing, the wall eventually transformed into a maze, as reading and reflecting took me in so many directions, with no clear way out or forward. At last, I am through this period and am experiencing a burst damn, all the water under desperate pressure to be released.

The writing is just flowing out of me as I critique and knit together the wealth of thinking and ideas contained in the literature.  There were times when the fantasy of giving up entered my head like a poison. It was lonely, frustrating and dark. I have learnt from this awful period that the most important thing for me was to be constantly writing or rather sitting in front of a computer, line-by-line until the momentum increased. Someone clever said success is about what you are prepared to give up. In my case, I gave up my neurotic need to watch and read the news, therefore clearing a huge amount of unnecessary clutter and distraction.