Down the rabbit hole..!

Excitingly I have now gone down my first rabbit hole – I am sure there will be many!


This first one concerns the literature review in health-related research. I realise that the standard is high and that there is a range of tools and methods to select and appraise the literature. It’s slightly paradoxical given the original Glaserian view of not doing the literature review. More time has been spent in the GT annuals debating and deciding on when to do it with little consideration as to how. So as Crotty receommends the resrach methodology will be tailored to the needs of the study and the research question. I like the idea of being very methodical in terms of say a systematic review but am also very drawn to meta-ethnography due to its interpretivist and constructivist underpinnings. Lots of reading and reflecting to do, in order to develop a defendable and credible argument for the way forward…

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