To NVivo or not NVivo…

So, it has been a few months since registering for the research degree. It’s been a busy time, coupled with the challenges of raising a young family and moving home yet again. However, I found a surge of excitement and energy around the project. To date, I have submitted a revised ‘improved proposal’, timetable, and appendices for approval. Things are moving quickly with formal registration of the project being submitted in January 2018.

I have also taught myself how to use Mendeley citation software. Despite initial resistance I have found it breathtaking in how efficiently it is able to support the organization of pdf files, and references. At the click of a switch, I can reformat the file names of all my saved documents. Wow. It is good training for what might be a significant learning investment into NVivo as I am not convinced that I will win the ‘pens and paper’ methods debate with my DoS.

Christmas holidays – bah humbug!