Raising the Bar!

So I have had my first few supervision meetings including with my DoS (Director of Studies). Both my DoS and supervisor shoot from the hip, such a relief. Northampton are extremely focused, structured and disciplined in what they expect and require from the student. It feels refreshing and liberating as it leaves me to focus on the graft of what I need to deliver. Their online systems, information and support, are smooth, easily accessible and give the impression of a high level of professionalism. I am immediately getting a sense of the bar. No not the location of a good pint of cold Guinness but rather the level between Master’s and PhD.


The first thing that I have learned is the necessity of being much more clear when it comes to the methodological approach to conducting the literature review. The area of systematic reviews has been suggested. I had agreed to submit my first year’s timetable in 7 days. Off to balance expectations with reality.